Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019

Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019 - lifestyle

With a great deal of current age cell phones including metal or glass fabricate materials; guarding them from unintentional knocks and drops and in flawless condition can be a troublesome undertaking for a few. Decent cases or covers goes far in lightening this worry, however. A decent case won’t just keep the gadget secured, yet can add some style indicates it too.

Be it from thin, straightforward covers that flaunt the look of your cell phone; to the ultra-rugged covers that guard your gadget against the components and can endure nearly anything; there is no restriction to the decision you have in this classification. Here are some of the best case manufacturers for your amazing smartphone.


Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019 - lifestyle

Spigen is a standout amongst the most well known outsider embellishments producers out there, and deservedly so. You get an assortment of cell phone covers relying upon your necessities; including thin TPU shells, hybrid cases, covers with kickstands; and intense cases with double layer protection.

The highlighted series of cases incorporate the Neo Hybrid and the Rugged Armor. Not exclusively do these covers look extraordinary, and incorporate carbon fiber components for a pinch of style, yet in spite of being moderately thin and shape fitting; you get ensured military-grade protection with both as well. The Neo Hybrid case likewise incorporates a guard outline for extra protection, while the Rugged Armor exploits air pad innovation at the corners to guard the gadget.


Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019 - lifestyle

On the off chance that you are searching for low-profile cell phone cases that offer some protection without adding any mass or thickness to your cell phone; Ringke cases are the best approach. Truly, the organization has some semi-rugged alternatives, wallet covers, and progressively accessible too; however the more prevalent decisions are certainly the thin series of covers that are accessible.

One of the more well known series of covers from Ringke is the Fusion series. These TPU covers are straightforward and enable you to flaunt the structure of the cell phone. They add insignificant mass and thickness to the gadget yet accompany a stun retentive guard to protect the smartphone from coincidental knocks and drops. A raised lip around the front guards the showcase; and furthermore included with the case is a screen defender to keep it scratch free.


Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019 - lifestyle

Their scope of covers incorporate thin and straightforward hard shell cases, hybrid cases, and rugged covers that offer a great deal of protection; all of which add a component of style to the gadget.

Among the numerous alternatives, the more well known decisions incorporate the Affinity series and Revolution series of cases. The Affinity case includes a hard straightforward polycarbonate shell that flaunts the structure of the smartphone, and accompanies a delicate stun verification TPU component that offers better back and corner protection. On the other hand, the Revolution case is Poetic’s rugged choice; that just guards the gadget from unintentional drops; yet in addition accompanies port covers and an intro page with an implicit screen defender.



Incipio is a notable name in the cell phone cases showcase, and with regards to cases and covers, the organization has something on offer for everybody. Running from thin covers; covers with a la mode and special structures, wallet and folio covers, and pragmatic covers that give a great deal of protection, you are certain to discover what you are searching for.

Incipio was one of the principal case producers to acquaint double layer protection with the market, and it’s not amazing that their most famous series is the Incipio DualPro. A delicate inside center is combined with a hard Plextonium shell to give military-grade protection from knocks and drops, and it helps that the case looks incredible and doesn’t include a mess of mass or load to the cell phone. Best of all, Incipio has a case accessible for most cell phones from the greater part of OEMs; running from the passage level cell phones to the leaders.


Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019 - lifestyle

The go-to brand of cell phone covers, in case you’re searching for finish gadget protection, is without a doubt Otterbox. The organization has a couple of various series of cases accessible; yet with regards to full protection, the Defender and Commuter series are the ones you will search for.

The Commuter case is the sleeker of the two; and doesn’t add as much mass to the gadget as the Defender case does. Regardless you get double layer protection for finish affect protection and port covers to keep the gadget dust free with the previous; however, while the last includes an implicit screen defender and furthermore accompanies a holster that cuts onto your belt.

Best smartphone cases you should choose in 2019 - lifestyle

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