Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters

Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

The Marvel Comics endeavor has been at the bleeding edge of displaying anecdotal superheroes who have directed a worldwide after. In any case, among the rundown of numerous famous and massively well-known characters, there are additionally some who never climbed the notoriety outlines and in the long run, must be dumped or leniently murdered off. While a portion of these was plain peculiar, some were only unfortunate for not having the capacity to connect enough thoughtfulness regarding be another fruitful supporter of the Marvel universe.

Thunder Frog


Being a gigantic Walt Simonson fan I would be neglectful if I somehow happened to forget one of the goofiest characters from the Marvel universe, Thunder Frog. Indeed, as insane as it sounds, the God of Thunder was really bouncing around as a land and water proficient. He hopped onto the scene in Thor #364 (“Thor Croaks”) and remain in the comic for three issues. He keeps his superpowers as a frog and enables his kindred lily to cushion sweethearts by driving them against the rodents in Central stop and the crocs in the sewers. A fun read no doubt and one of the works of art of the interminable Simonson keep running on Thor.


Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

Ego was outside the ability to understand of Marvel’s extremely youthful perusers. For most, it was hard to envision whether Ego was a planetary power or some between planetary malevolence element. Presented as a creation from The Black Galaxy of the; Thor; arrangement (#132) in 1966, Ego had a face, limbs and could outthink each one that experienced it. It could suck vitality from littler, ‘guiltless’ stars to control its galactic quality however only occasionally utilized it.


Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

For some, Marvel fans, Swarm wasn’t set forth in the correct way by its makers. In any case, at that point shaping a swarm of honey bees into a noteworthy supervillain was most likely not probable. Showing up without precedent for 1977 in ‘Champions’ #14, Swarm was a collection of freak, hyper-savvy Africanized honey bees that murdered Nazi researcher, Fritz von Meyer. In his final breaths, his awareness scattered into the swarm of honey bees.

Subsequently, von Meyer turned into a total being, a living epitome of the swarm, with his own logical personality added to the freak knowledge of the huge number of honey bees. Being terrible profoundly and looking exceptionally threatening, Swarm had what it took to set up an opposition against Marvel’s saints. What didn’t help Swarm’s introduction was the under-usage of his qualities? seldom was it implied that the assault by the honey bees could really murder or annihilate something past recovery.


Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

Presented in 1965 as a piece of The Fantastic Four arrangement. Lockjaw’s greatest quality ? his jaws made of steel that once clipped on an adversary, were difficult to break away from. One reason that may have added to Lockjaw’s absence of achievement was that his starting point was never fully clear. Perusers just couldn’t comprehend whether Lockjaw was a bulldog with superpowers or a changed puppy wherein super-capacities.

Howard the Duck

Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

This is one of only a handful couple of Marvel characters viewed by numerous individuals as a misstep that Marvel makers ought to be embarrassed about? Why? Presented in 1973’s?Adventure into Fear? (No. 19), Howard Duck didn’t have any superpowers or anything significant to be even considered as a Marvel character, other than the reality he was a talking duck. Appears to be recognizable, isn’t that right? Hi, Donald.

Howard the Duck jested once in a while diverting jokes while connecting with mankind that regularly encompassed him. Further, the Feathered Fury was once appeared as attempting to possess the White House and being booed away due to its bizarre appearance! Oddly enough, the character did impact a 1986 motion picture called?H oward the Duck? furthermore, the motion picture met a similar fate and bombed wretchedly at the Box Office.


Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

At the point when your body is additionally your head, you are a strange Marvel character. First showing up in Tales of Suspense #93 (1967), MODOK is one of the most bizarre looking characters you will discover in the pages of any comic. His name is really an abbreviation that just adds to his unusual factor, Mobile Organism Designed Only to execute. A significant sizable chunk, yes; Well his tremendous mouth and larger than average choppers could without much of a stretch swallow that name.

His forces are upgraded knowledge (enormous astonishment with a noggin like that), with the additional capacity to foresee results that occasionally takes after the hyper vision. He additionally can control people and extensive gatherings of individuals, produce drive fields lastly, shoot ground-breaking power shafts from his swanky headband that centers his unbelievable mental forces. Goodness, and he can startle the poop out of little children with his sputnik like head. Wow, did I notice his head is gigantic?


Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

While the nauseating nom de plume leaves a considerable measure to wanted, it isn’t his title that wins him an excursion to the strongest marvel characters. No, it is his superpowers that rank him at number 5. All things considered, in fact not his superpowers, but rather his parasitic slugs that live in his stomach. The slugs supplanted his stomach related framework and could for all intents and purposes eat through any substance. Also, In the wake of bolstering the slugs would reappear his stomach and give him sustenance. Amazing, what an incredible power. He is going to absolutely get chicks with that. Obviously, there is something else entirely to Maggot, just having worm-like animals eat for you isn’t cool enough for the X-men, in which he originally showed up in issue #245 (1997).

Likewise with most odd characters their forces have neither rhyme nor reason, much like the character themselves. Gracious, and just to keep it extremely unusual, he would likewise turn blue for reasons unknown. Not the best work of co-makers Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira for Marvel.

Doctor Bong

Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

One more Howard the Duck scoundrel, which implies Howard is in charge of just about 33% of this rundown. Doctor Bong is certifiably not a genuine Doctor or even a Doctor who simply has a doctorate qualification, yet all the more a psychological patient who ought to see a Doctor. He has no superpowers, however, has a decent learning of hereditary qualities and has changed creatures into aware, humanoid being to serve his underhanded will. Not all that scary, correct? Like what? All things considered, they can deliver concussive power to twist steel, make a sonic boundary for assurance and, obviously; can transport him by setting off a teleportation gadget.

Better believe it, um, right. He can likewise do different things that additionally have neither rhyme nor reason, however, fortunately, he as not shown up again since his unique appearance in Howard the Duck #15. Notice that I was so great to not utilize any medication related jokes with a name like Bong. Yet, it just goes to indicate you can make a bong from anything, even a super scalawag.

Asbestos Lady

Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

Appearing as a piece of Marvel’s Captain America Series (number 63) in 1947, the Asbestos Lady’s genuine name was Victoria Murdock. She was displayed as a logical virtuoso and sister of Captain America’s most outstanding adversary, ?Killer? Murdoch. She constructed herself a flame resistant ensemble that was fixed with asbestos. She could toss wads of fire, while her suit secured her. With her firmly clad bodysuit; moping lips and blonde hair, most people would have believed that she could turn into a lasting apparatus as Captain America’s blonde enemy. By one way or another, it just didn’t work out and the character was expelled in the undeniable way ? in mid-1990, she capitulated to cancer-causing development, presumably invigorated by her very own asbestos-implanted bodysuit.


Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

This is one of only a handful couple of Marvel characters presented with Swiss inceptions as Bessie was exhibited as dairy animals hailing from Switzerland. Showing up without precedent for 1975 in the fifth issue of the?Giant-Sized Man-Thing? Maybe, it was the mixing of a vampire subject with blameless looking dairy animals that dismissed generally perusers. Further, what amazed numerous was Hellcow’s fixation on discovering Dracula to look for retribution on him.

Listing The Weirdest Marvel Comics Characters - more

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