Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

There’s a pack of gum from the market and after that there’s a bunch of grapes flown into your mouth under the pretense of testing them. You may easily get through a toll once in a while on the grounds that you overlook your change, or not let clerk know when she gave you a lot of it. It appears we as a whole are blameworthy of taking. In any case, a few people take taking to the outrageous. We’re not discussing natural pilferers here. We are discussing genuinely peculiar, out there things that individuals have really stolen.

1. Marla Maples’ Shoes


In 1992 the then-sweetheart of Donald Trump saw a touch of something abnormal about her wardrobe. More than 40 sets of her shoes were absent. Not supposing all things considered, they just left alone, Maples introduced a shrouded observation camera. In the wake of viewing the recording she found that it was her own marketing specialist, Chuck Jones, who had freed the footwear. The majority of the shoes were found in his storeroom alongside an amazing gathering of shoe fetishist writing.

2. Church Pulpit

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

You definitely know something’s incorrectly when the gathering chooses it’s an ideal opportunity to flame their minister. At the point when that minister appears with a truck in a U-Haul, in any case, things have truly gotten ugly. Be that as it may, this is actually what happened when Rev. Robert L White was told, additionally in 1992, by his assemblage that the time had come to proceed onward. He reacted to the solicitation by taking the charges furniture, draperies, and the lectern he lectured behind. He likewise took the organ with him, yet left the piano in light of the fact that the congregation was all the while making installments on it. Who could imagine this could be stolen

3. Home Away from Home

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

Would you be able to envision appearing for excursion, all eager to kick back for two or three weeks, just to find that your country estate has vanished? A New Hampshire couple experience only that when they appeared at their preferred home far from home just to find that their 10 by 20 foot pre-assembled getaway home tipping the scales at a negligible multiple times had disappeared since the last time they had visited.

4. An Entire Front Lawn

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

Denise Thompson was tending to her very own concerns one day when she all of a sudden found something very stunning—she’d been looted. In the wake of conveying her kids out to visit her significant other at work that morning Denise returned home and looked out her window to get a look at her lavish front yard. Just, it wasn’t there any longer. The majority of the grass and plants that had made up her garden were absent. She was gazing at a vacant fix of soil. Later neighbors revealed to her that they had seen a truck and a trailer left out before the house and figured they had been enlisted. Most exceedingly terrible exterior decorators ever.

5. A Bridge in the Czech Republic

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

No one idea anything of it when a gathering of men appeared at a Czech Republic railroad office and reported that they had been contracted to tear down a scaffold situated over a deserted railroad track with the goal that a bicycle course could be manufactured. It wasn’t until the whole 10-ton footbridge and 650 feet of railroad track vanished alongside the men that the specialists chose to investigate the desk work they had been given. They discovered that the posse of cheats had manufactured the administrative work and grabbed the metal, apparently to offer it for scrap.

6. A WWII Mustang Fighter Plane

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

It appears that 1992 was a great year for strange things being stolen. This was year Major Ishmael Yitzhaki of the Israeli Air Force Reserve told a historical center that their WWII Mustang military aircraft required another layer of paint. He moved it out of the historical center at that point quickly flew it to Sweden where he sold it for $331,000.

7. George Washington’s Wallet

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

It took a couple of hundred years, however George Washington turned into an individual wrongdoing measurement. In 1990 his wallet was grabbed from the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, New Jersey. The case the wallet was in had been left opened in light of the fact that, clearly, a wallet has never been stolen in New Jersey.

Seven Strange Things That Were Stolen - omg

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